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Welcome to The Music Mama’s blog.
I am delighted you could make it. My name is Debbie and chances are you have seen some of my product on various auction sites. I come from an era, not so long ago where the music was fun and easy to sing and where people would meet on a street corner just for the fun of singing. 

Looking back at what once was, I realize how much fun we all had and fun is just what this site is all about: to re-discover the great sounds of yester years, the music which started with a doo and exploded into a glorious wop. The early rock and roll, harmony, acappella and more.

In the past, as an eBay Power Seller, I was able to offer a truly unique collection of Oldies, Rock and Roll, Pop, Country, Rockabilly, Soul, R%B, Blues and much more…

Whilst you can still have access to some the best doowop music around you will also be able to read reviews on popular electronic items as well as household goods.

The reviews on this site are not hyped pre-sale advertising pages where the sole intention is to sell the product but rather a unbiased opinion from an ole gal who knows a thing or two about these things.

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