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T’is a brand new world out there!

Amazing how fast things change in the world of Internet marketing. After a previous life spent as an eBay seller making quite a bit of money in the process but burning the candle from both sides because to sell on eBay is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week endeavor, I have been catching my breath for a while now, choosing to take it easier and trim down my home business a little. Funny how life passes you by when you spend ever waking hours taking care of business.

Lately, this new found freedom has led to … well let’s admit it boredom and I have started to dabble a little in the world of internet sales.

I like a challenge, particularly since the internet marketers “Gurus” out there are in the age bracket of my younger son and have the kind of brains that is more responsive the the needs of this brand new world. The old folks out here will probably relate.

But because we are doesn’t mean we’re done though, does it? And even this old gal has found some info she can use, and even share with some of you?

Like How to build an online business, brick by brick for example.  It’s not a quick get rich scheme by no means, and it required a whole lot of work, but it’s pretty good at what it does, namely providing me and anyone else for that matter with a really good income.

But don’t take my word for it!  Have a look for yourself!

14 Karat Soul

R&B Soul mixed in with gorgeous Harmony Sounds to soothe the ole soul, not forgetting a tasteful of Hip-Hop.

If the current economy has got you cringing, how about a piece of real genius.  Sounds from years gone by where strength and purity of voices are matched only with the sheer delight that propagates from these chords.

Get the ole joints warmed up folks.  You’ll soon think you’re 20 again!


Dave Clark Five – Do you love me

Dave Clark Five – Do you love me

Unfortunately, there aren’t many live audios and videos from Dave Clark Five concerts. Here is a little gem of the DC5 playing live. The film is originally silent and someone later overdubbed the record and crow noise.


I want to be part of the Keyword Elite 2

How about it:  Keyword Elite 2.0 for the common folk!

If you are interested in checking this software out, please go to:

Keyword Elite Official Site

I have been dealing in the online business for a while now.  As most of you know, I was one of the “older Babes” of eBay where my doowop music rang supreme.  Exciting as it was, eBay was a 24 hour a day job and I was getting into troubles with my husband and my kids because I was working too much.

Since giving up work on eBay,  I have generally taken a more relaxed approach to online business.

I was looking the other day into a tool to help me with keyword research and I stumbled upon a review about this product which literally blew my mind.  OK!  Didn’t blow it as much shake it and when you think it’s a rather old mind, then you’ll understand the exaggeration.

So what is an old lady in need of a good keyword took to do?  To head on to the Keyword Elite Official Site and buy the thing!

I’ll try it and let you now what I think.

Buddy Knox – Too much fun

Rockabilly Years..  Was it really too much fun Buddy

The recipient of two gold records in 1957, one for “Party Doll” written and sang by Knox and the other for a song that Jimmy Bowen sang and co-wrote with Knox called “I’m Sticking With You” Buddy Knox literally rocked the world with his wonderful brand of music. “We didn’t know what we had just done,” Knox recalls after the release of one of his songs, ” All we wanted to do was record our music and sell it around the college. This was just a fun trip for us.”

You did well Buddy! Thank you for all the memories and the good times.


Bobby Rydell

Bobby Rydell’s real name is Robert Louis Ridarelli. He grew up in the same Italian neighborhood of South Philadelphia as Frankie Avalon and Fabian. He was born April 26th, 1942. In his early years, Bobby would sit in front of the TV and impersonate performers such as Milton Berle, Louis Prima, and Johnny Ray. Early on, Bobby’s father recognized his talent and encouraged him to pursue a career as an entertainer. While other children were listening to the latest hits, Rydell’s father would take him to the performances of the last of the big bands working in the various Philly clubs.

Enjoy the following clip of Bobby singing Volare, one of his signature hits.


With the inspiration of Gene Krupa Bobby started taking drum lessons at age five. At the age of seven, he had begun working the nightclubs in Philadelphia. At the age of nine, he was a regular on Paul Whiteman’s television show that was broadcast from Philadelphia and he had performances on the show for three years. It was during this time that Whiteman changed Bobby’s last name to Rydell, because he had trouble pronouncing Ridarelli.

By the time he was a teenager, Bobby was playing drums in a dance band called “Rocco and the Saints”, that featured Frankie Avalon on the trumpet. During the summer the band did performances in a few resorts around Atlantic City. Rydell also played the guitar and bass and was a natural comedian. Frankie Day (manager of Rocco and the Saints) became interested in Rydell as a solo act. Day began taking Rydell to different record companies.

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