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An old girl review of the iPod.

Moving with the times!

Over the years, a lot of my customers have known me as the music mama, the old girl who lives more than half a century in the past, when it comes to her music taste.

Whilst it is true that the music that was produced after the second world war was incredible and oh so delicious, the doo wop rhythms, the acapella vocals, the British invasions of the early rock bands and more, you will surprised to know that this girl is not entirely a relic and yes, I do (have to) move with the times.

Case in point?  I am the old girl iPod maverick.  I have turned expert in the soft touch of the big circle, and delight in the sound that blasts into my old ears when taking my daily walks.  The other day my daughter gave me a brand new iPod with so much memory that I have fitted all the music I own, and I own quite a bit.  Imagine, shelves upon shelves of records and cds, all in one device the size of a cigarette pack!

I am the queen mother of the playlists, I have them for all occasions, even for when one of my neighbors makes a point to accompany me on some of my walks.  You’d be amazed at the sound quality that comes out of these tiny things.  She talks (she is a sweet lady that loves to talk), I nod and listen to the beats of the Doo-Wop greats.  It works really well.

So for all of you out there with a love for your music and no iPod to call your own take if from this old girl: iPod Rocks and that is no mean feast for any self respected music mama (or papa) for that matter.

And if you are interested in acquiring one of these things, check out the offers on my website.  eBay has some tidy offers and “graciously” send me a few dollars of every item purchased on eBay from my site.  I am thinking of charging them some listing fee but for some reason doubt they will be too warm to this idea.

Still, you leave and hope, and dance, and listen to music.  The world is drag enough as it is.

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