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Doo Wop – Rhythm and Blues vocalized into gorgeous melodies

Originated in the streets of American north-eastern cities, Doo-Wop was an African American Vocal style based in smooth harmonies. It was the closest rock genre to pop music in the 1950’s. Drawing its inspiration from the rhythm and blues cultures it became a music style of its own and was widely popular in the 50’s […]

Doo Wop History

The early 1950’s signified the true beginning of Doo Wop music, which was a derivative of the rhythm and blues and jazz music styles.

Doo Wop first began in the inner cities, most prominently Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Doo Wop began with friends gathering on street corners, on their back porches, or just […]

An old girl review of the iPod.

Moving with the times!

Over the years, a lot of my customers have known me as the music mama, the old girl who lives more than half a century in the past, when it comes to her music taste.

Whilst it is true that the music that was produced after the second world war was […]