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14 Karat Soul

R&B Soul mixed in with gorgeous Harmony Sounds to soothe the ole soul, not forgetting a tasteful of Hip-Hop.

If the current economy has got you cringing, how about a piece of real genius. Sounds from years gone by where strength and purity of voices are matched only with the sheer delight that propagates from […]

Dave Clark Five – Do you love me

Dave Clark Five – Do you love me

Unfortunately, there aren’t many live audios and videos from Dave Clark Five concerts. Here is a little gem of the DC5 playing live. The film is originally silent and someone later overdubbed the record and crow noise.


I want to be part of the Keyword Elite 2

How about it: Keyword Elite 2.0 for the common folk!

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I have been dealing in the online business for a while now. As most of you know, I was one of the “older Babes” of eBay where my doowop […]